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Award Gallery is recognized as India's leading Trophy & Award Manufacturing Company. The trophies and awards created by Awards Gallery come in varieties having traditional or modern approach towards design. The gleam of the polished wooden trophies can now stand elegantly alongside the sparkling crystal ones. The trophies are made from a selection of materials that includes Brass, Aluminum, Resin, Fiber Glass, Ceramic, Granite, Silver etc. Engravings of Crystal, Glass, Acrylic, Silver & Internal 3D Laser on the trophies is now possible. Award Gallery has explored its imagination with a range of innovatively designed trophies. Taking a step ahead in the production of the trophies, they now have a gleam finish.

Vijay Sonawane & Sons guide a team of 40 highly talented and skilled men equipped in the art and craftsmanship of making trophies. Every time the company is given an assignment of creating personalized trophies, mementoes or awards, the designers use their knowledge and skills to create the best products. The designers and artists are able to creatively express their skills, while meeting the service requests and description given by the clients.

The awards facility is sprawled across an area of 2500 sq.ft, equipped with advanced technology that aide in the design and manufacture of trophies. Unflinching commitment towards our clients has helped us in creating unique and well-designed trophies that fulfill the aspirations of thousands of people by ending the trophies an intangible value.

We cater to the tastes of a wide range of industries .Our trophies are exclusively designed to meet specific needs in accordance with the industry that we cater. We have a successful track record of designing and manufacturing trophies for Entertainment and Media award functions, corporate awards, and the engineering industry among others. This has made us a renowned name in the business of trophies. Our products give meaning to the success of individuals. We ensure that the process of design and manufacture happen seamlessly.
The Vision of Award Gallery is to constantly respond to client needs. We lay impetus to the research of the use of design and the usage of material. This has lent a new meaning to the end product that we produce. We wish to further improvise on our process in a way that it leaves no possibility for human error. We wish to continue with great work.
Our mission has been to produce the most innovative and well- designed products. A part of the manufacturing process is to constantly research the materials that are used, the other being design. To make this a reality, we have a team of talented craftsmen and artists. These artists with great passion and commitment design and manufacture well-crafted products. Honoring our commitment to time and budget, we deliver what we promise.